Repatriation back to Sydney

Where your loved one dies overseas or interstate, you may wish to bring them home to Sydney for their final goodbye. In either case, Good Samaritan Funerals can help. We can make the necessary arrangements and ensure the deceased is returned to Sydney.

Arranging repatriation

At Good Samaritan Funerals, we have extensive experience in arranging repatriations. We can step you through the process and make all the necessary arrangements to return the deceased home for their final farewell.

The death of a loved one is always distressing, but when it happens and they are away from home that distress can be compounded by practical problems.

The practicalities of the repatriation of the body to another country or interstate can be difficult to understand and navigate. What do you do? Who do you contact? What paperwork needs to be filled out? How long will it take?

Interstate repatriation

If your loved one dies here in Sydney and you wish to return them interstate, we can make all the necessary arrangements and will liaise with the relevant state and federal government departments.

Overseas repatriation

If you wish to return your loved one to another country for their final farewell, Good Samaritan Funerals will make all the necessary repatriation arrangements and will liaise with the necessary consular representatives.

We will:

  • Prepare and translate all documents and permits
  • Prepare the deceased’s remains for transport (whether embalmed or cremated)
  • Make airline arrangements and ensure coffins, caskets, containers or urns meet airline requirements
  • Liaise with the receiving funeral home
  • Ensure any requirements of the destination country are met.

At Good Samaritan Funerals, we will always make every effort to honour cultural and religious customs, however we must work within the parameters of government and airline policies.