What is the cost of a funeral?

The cost of the funeral is dependent on many things, accordingly a funeral that is more complex to plan and carry out will cost more than one that is simple in structure. The quality of the coffin or casket will also affect the overall cost. When a funeral advisor meets with your family, they will discuss many of the options available to you, giving you the freedom to select the services that are most appropriate to your needs.

It is normal for the cemetery or crematorium costs and the various disbursements (such as doctors fees, clergy or celebrant fees, registration costs , press notices, flowers and so forth) to be included in the one account, along with the funeral company fees.

We also understand client’s families appreciate value and honesty, to this we welcome a value comparison and invite you to visit us to obtain an accurate cost proposal without obligation.

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Is burial more expensive than cremation?

In most locations, the cost of purchasing a lawn cemetery plot, interment fee and plaque will cost more than a cremation fee. However, we can provide detailed cost comparisons on all cemeteries and cremations options.

I have been told it can be wise to allow yourself more time prior to the funeral, why is this so?

Sometimes families see the funeral as a painful experience and feel that the sooner it’s over, the sooner life will return to normal, however if your initial desire is to put the funeral behind you as quickly as possible, we encourage you to reconsider this approach.

We must understand the loss of a loved one has caused you pain, we believe the funeral can and should be the instigator of your healing. Please speak to the funeral director and allow yourself enough time to consider and carry out all your options.

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?

The difference between a coffin and a casket is basically one of design. Coffins are tapered at the head and foot and are wide at the shoulders. Caskets are rectangular in shape and are usually constructed of better quality timbers and features higher standards of workmanship.

The decision to select a coffin or a casket is made by the family according to their personal preference. Many people regard the coffin or casket as an important tribute to the deceased and therefore select it with care. However to spend so much that it would mean financial difficulties for those left behind would be misguided.

Cremation or burial?

Cremation is a respectful, dignified process that feels right for many of today’s families, however a cremation should not take place if there are written instructions from the deceased to the contrary. Please speak to the funeral director if you wish to know more about cremations.

In cremation what happens to the coffin or casket?

The coffin or casket is always cremated with the body of the deceased; fears that the coffin or casket is used again are completely unfounded.


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Will we have the opportunity to say goodbyes?

An opportunity for family members to say a final goodbye can be arranged through a service call for a private viewing which is usually held at the funeral home. It is up to the immediate mourner’s whether they wish to arrange or attend a private viewing.

Viewing a loved one after death can be beneficial for the family as it allows a personal last good-bye, it also helps to establish the reality of their loss.

How should a love one be dressed?

At Good Samaritan we encourage family members to determine what is appropriate under the circumstances. We suggest that you chose clothing that reflects the taste and personality of the person who has passed, as family and friends who wish to see the deceased will find comfort in seeing them as they remember them.

If the family are unable to provide clothing, the funeral director will ensure a suitable shroud is provided.

What should we do with the wedding ring and other jewellery?

If directions have not been left in a will, then this becomes a very personal decision and there is a no right or wrong answers. Allow time to discuss this matter with your family

Should young children attend funerals?

The death of a loved one affects everyone in the family, including the funeral. With a loving explanation of what a funeral is about and what will happen, children should be encouraged (though not forced) to share the funeral experience with family and friends of the deceased.

Adults have a tendency to try and protect children from pain, but children also need to be able to accept the death and resolve their view of reality and their grief.